Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Traits of a Great Leader

Characteristics of a Good Leader

A nation is led by leader of good character.
A leader is defined as a person who leads with a set of good principles.
There are many definitions of a leader. Here are universally accepted and current traits of a leader.

Surface beauty of a leader is not important. What lies beneath is what concerns the citizens in the long run.

Here are Traits of a Great Leader:-

Global Vision (about where to go)

Good Communicating Skills.

Disciplined, Prayerful and Action Oriented.

Integrity, Honesty in Every Dealings, Predictable reactions, Well-Composed Emotions,

Passionate, Commitment and Dedication to the Goals for Greater Good.

Humility - Does Not Self Glorify (Only Giving Credit to Others and Team Work).

Creativity, Openness to New Ideas, Striving to Excellence.



Good Sense of Humor.


  1. Fairness means that there should be no favoritism at all! It's alright to give compliments to a good team member, but there should be a balanced treatment of all of 'em. Good sense of humor is also a plus! There will be no dull moments whenever the group works. However, everyone should know their limitations.

    --Alexander Tiedemann

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