Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tips on Staff Training

Have you ever heard that well-trained employees are the key to success in any business?

In today’s competitive (labor) market, the demand for skilled workers far exceeds supply. That’s where training comes in.

1. Assign a proper workplace for supervisor to mentor the trainee.

2. Teach the correct way to carry out work tasks.

3. Give time to apply or practise the new knowledge learned.

4. Provide an avenue for regular feedback.

5. Teach the benefits and importance of the skills they learn.

6. Introduce the correct culture of asking question, verify, report and seek assistance if uncertain or unable to solve a problem.

7. Ensure both the trainer and trainee complete the training record.

8. Review and re-evaluate the training.

9. Recognize the achievements of the trainer and rainee.

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