Saturday, October 15, 2011

Parenting: 'Tiger mom' Chua urges Asian parents to relax

Parenting: 'Tiger mom' Chua urges Asian parents to relax

Thousands of parents are reading this article and I (being one of them) made a remark there.
It is interesting that there is something universal about being a parent.
Below are some of my thoughts.

We, as parents want the best for our children, in fact, our hope that they would become even better than us. Having said that, the best comes as a result from a journey, a guided journey. The first journey starts when they come into this world. The second journey starts when they reach puberty. The third journey starts when they start their own family. Each step of their journey should be guided with a 'compass of life' that centers on spiritual, mental, academic and social development. We CAN NOT download everything to our children when they are not ready to absorb complicated things and make decisions. Control and discipline is important especially at young age but not at the expense of parent-child loving relationship. Else they would lose trust in their coach/mentor as their 'compass of life'. Every child needs to learn about responsibility within a certain scope or boundary and as they grow older, able to take on higher and bigger responsibility, their perception of things would become broader, but they should not forget the fundamental principles of responsibility and family values.